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Improving Credit Score in 3 Easy Steps

Improving Credit Score in 3 Easy Steps

Credit score is an often ignored, but is a highly crucial testament of your financial history, which plays a big role in determining your eligibility for getting approved for a mortgage or loan when buying a home or car. A bad credit score, if not repaired in time, can prove to be a big hurdle in realizing your financial goals.


Shared below are three easy steps you can take immediately for improving your less than perfect credit score.

 Good Bad Credit

Get your credit report

Credit report is the record of your financial history, including data which is used for calculating your credit score. You can order credit report online and carefully go through it checking for any errors. You should be looking for any incorrectly listed history of late payments for any of your accounts and ensure the amount you owe is mentioned correctly. In case of any errors, the matter can be discussed with reporting agency or credit bureau.


Make payments in time

Many people fail to realize the adverse impact late or missed credit payments can have on their score. To ensure timely payments you can opt for payment reminder facilities offered by many banks, where you are notified through text messages or emails regarding any due payments. Another good way to ensure that you never miss a payment again is to get enrolled in the automatic payment option, in which the minimum credit payment is debited from bank account automatically.


Reduce the debt amount

Although reducing the debt amount is not easy, but you can begin by taking some small steps.First step is to stop use of credit cards. Now visit online to get recent statements of your every account to determine the money you owe, as well as the interest rate you are required to pay. Next step is to create a repayment plan and use maximum part of your budget to make debt payments, starting with the accounts with highest interest rate.


Repairing credit score can take time. However the useful tips mentioned above are sure to get you started towards achieving a good and commendable credit score..