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Dont’s of a Successful Debt Management Plan

Dont’s of a Successful Debt Management Plan

Opting for a debt management plan is the first step towards starting a debt free life. It shows your readiness to take charge of your finances and make right choices for a financially secure future.


The success of a debt management plan depends on a number of things. Besides being aware of what you should do, it is equally important to know the things that you should not do, like the ones mentioned below.


Don’t delay

Debt is a problem which should be tackled at the earliest. Delaying seldom solves the situation, but will surely make the situation from bad to worse. Being proactive and engaging a debt management counselor is crucial to create a convenient repayment plan to pay your debt and also maintain your credit score.


Don’t make minimum payment

Planning to repay your credit card debt by making minimum payments is not going to prove helpful, if you want to get rid of the debt as soon as possible. It will only keep adding to the interest rate you are paying. To eliminate the debt sooner and by paying less interest, you should pay more than the minimum amount.

Don’t avoid payments

Missing a payment can directly affect your credit score, besides resulting in late fees. So only agree to a repayment plan which you are sure to follow conveniently. In case you are unable to keep up with monthly repayments, then make sure to convey it to your counselor or creditor so that they can make the required arrangements.

Erase Debt

Don’t borrow any more loans

Trying to borrow more loans when you are already dealing with payment over dues is never a good choice. Besides, you should be trying to cut down your expenses to ensure you have enough money saved for making monthly payments in time.

The key to successful debt management is to stay organized and prioritize your debts, besides sticking to the plan your debt management counselor has lead out for you. Remember, dealing with debt is not easy but by taking timely action you can surely avoid getting yourself into the same situation in future.